Filtering SAPUI5 OData V4 Expanded Entities

One of the key features of SAPUI5 is the ability to consume OData services. OData is a protocol for creating and consuming RESTful web services. In this blog, we will explore how to filter expanded entities in OData V4 using SAPUI5.

OData V4 introduced a new feature called "expand" that allows us to retrieve related entities along with the main entity in a single request. This feature helps to reduce the number of requests required to retrieve related data and improves the performance of the application. However, sometimes we may need to filter the expanded entities based on certain conditions. Let's see how we can achieve this using SAPUI5.

First, let's consider an example where we have two entities, "Orders" and "OrderItems". Each order can have multiple order items. We want to retrieve all the orders along with their order items where the order total is greater than 1000.

To achieve this, we need to create a filter expression that applies to both the main entity and the expanded entity. Here's how we can do it in SAPUI5:


var oModel = new sap.ui.model.odata.v4.ODataModel({

  serviceUrl: "/path/to/service",

  synchronizationMode: "None",

  operationMode: "Server",

  groupId: "$auto",

  autoExpandSelect: true


var oOrdersBinding = oModel.bindList("/Orders", null, null, null, {

  $expand: "OrderItems"


var oFilter = new sap.ui.model.Filter("Total", "GT", 1000);


oOrdersBinding.attachDataReceived(function(oEvent) {

  var aOrders = oEvent.getParameter("data").results;


  // Loop through the orders and their order items

  aOrders.forEach(function(oOrder) {

    oOrder.OrderItems.results.forEach(function(oOrderItem) {

      // Do something with the order item





In the code above, we first create an OData model and bind it to the "Orders" entity set. We also set the "$expand" parameter to "OrderItems" to retrieve the related order items for each order.

Next, we create a filter expression that filters the "Total" property of both the main entity and the expanded entity. We apply this filter to the binding object using the "filter" method.

Finally, we attach a "dataReceived" event handler to the binding object to retrieve the results. We loop through the orders and their order items and perform some action with each order item.

In conclusion, filtering expanded entities in OData V4 using SAPUI5 is a powerful feature that can help improve the performance of your application. With the help of the filter expression, we can retrieve only the data we need and avoid unnecessary requests to the server.

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