How to Change logon Page of Enterprise Portal

Let's look into a simple way to change the branding image and logo in logon page of SAP EP.

Simple way is:

1. Download the par file

2. Go to the layout folder in the par file to find the branding image.

3. Replace it with the new image.

4. Upload the par file.

Though it was maintaining path under nwa/auth, but the same was not replicating under

config tool > services> server0>> ume.logon.branding_image

We can do by using three tools

1.Visual J2ee Admin tool

2.config tool

3.Import that login par file in NWDS and can do modification and export in to EP Server.

Logon Par file ( file) download these par file and do changes next Export in

to portal Server.

How to Change branding image and branding text in Portal Side.

1) run configtool.batch file


here click on configtool.batch file

Login into the Config tool.

Go to Global server configuration


Brand Image Path and Brand text Path



Here past branding_image and branding_text these images just change images only name should be same. No

problem name not mandatory.

Here select

  1. Ume.logon.branding_image
  2. Ume.logon.branding_text

click on Set Button.

Same as Ume.logon.branding_text also. Finally Restart the Server it will effect in portal.

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