Setting up SAP Bussiness Application Studio and Run your first SAPUI5 Application

In this blog, we will start using SAP BAS with a free Trial account and build our 1st Simple UI5 Application. 

SAP Business Application Studio is a new SAP Cloud Platform service in SAP Cloud Foundry which offers a modern development environment tailored for efficient development of business applications for the SAP Intelligent Enterprise such as SAP Fiori, S/4HANA extension, and Workflow.

SAP BAS is kind of similar to Visual Studio in terms of command line, so if you are familiar with Visual Studio, then SAP BAS would be ever more easier for you to understand.

I am guessing, you would already have a free trial account in SAP Cloud Platform.

Alright, let's start this tutorial.

Log onto SAP Cloud Platform

1. Enter Your Trial Account to access the Cloud Foundry

Once you enter your trial account go to Subscriptions and Search for SAP Business Application Studio and Subscribe to that.

2. Launch the Application

Click on go to Application or you can click on the shortcut link from the homepage

3. Create a Dev Space and run your 1st UI5 Application

By now, your BAS would be loaded up and the screen would look somehting like this

4. Now to create our first SAPUI5 application, go to File>New Project From Template

Select SAP Fiori freestyle SAPUI5 application template, then select Which type of SAP Fiori freestyle SAPUI5 application do you want to create?

In the Datasource, you can select according to your project requirements, as for this exercise I will select None.

Next, you can set your project description and click on finish.

Once you fill in all the details it will generate the project structure in the Work Space.

Now, the project gets generated like the below structure

5. Lastly, we can run the application

To do so, we need to Create an Application Configuration for running the application

Click on Run Configuration

Click on the Plus button to create an application configuration

Select your Application (UI5 App) –Demo Application (HTML5 Module Name)


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