Getting started with SAP Bussiness Application Studio

In this blog we will get to know more about this new platform to develop Applications, i.e. SAP Bussiness Application Studio.

SAP has come up with new cloud-based development environment i.e. SAP Business Application Studio, for multi-cloud environment. SAP Business Application Studio is a very powerful development environment, tightly integrated with the SAP Cloud Platform and well suited for developing business applications.

It provides you desktop-like experience in the cloud. Design of this studio is influenced by Microsoft Visual Studio code, making the developer productive. This is suitable from basic level developer to Full-Stack developer with full control development environment from back-end to front-end.

This would be the only environment for all kind of applications, by replacing all below tools into one tool SAP BAS.

  • SAP UI5 / FIORI apps using templates and elements – webIDE Full-Stack
  • HANA Native – XS & XSJS – HANA webIDE & HANA Studio
  • ABAP on Cloud – RESTful Application Programming – Eclipse with cloud system connectivity
  • Cloud Application Programming (CAP), Node.js & Java apps – Eclipse, Atom

Key benefits:

  • Single environment for all kind of applications.
  • No local installation & setup required
  • No JRE dependency
  • Industry best practices for developers without switching to multiple applications
  • Integration with API HUB, on-premise, on-cloud.
  • Provide the flexibility for all the developers, for e.g. templates, Git, Mock servers, OPA5 testing for FIORI apps, etc.
  • Enhances the productivity with direct command execution through integrated command line.
  • Run configuration feature makes it an easy option and offer single click to simulate the test in locally or deploy your app on cloud directly

Target Audience:

  • UI5/Fiori developer
  • ABAP developer (Planed in future version)
  • Native HANA developer (Planed in future version)
  • Node.js (in future version) developer
  • Java application developer
  • RESTful Application programming (RAP) dev
  • Cloud Application programming (CAP) dev

Hope this short intro to SAP BAS was helpful. Check my next blog where I will show how to setup SAP BAS, create a UI5 application, add a launchpad module for SAP UI5 application and deploy to Cloud foundry from SAP Bussiness Application Studio.


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