Pros and Cons of Client app development options

 In this blog we will see all the pros and cons of client app developmetn options

Choosing the Right Approach

In my previous blog, we saw the 3 development approaches for mobile development:

1)      SAP Cloud Platform SDK

2)      Mobile Development Kit

3)      SAP Mobile Cards

Each of these things, these options, has pros and cons, and is good for certain things.

SAP Cloud Platform SDK – Native Development Approach

So the big pro for going native is that you have full control and the best possible performance on a mobile device. This includes all the feature set that is natively available to you when you development directly within the platform. You have the look and feel of the platform
automatically and all the device features are at your fingertips.

This makes it good for applications that have a specific UX requirement. So if you want to have a video flying in from the right in your application, or a background video going on, you'll want to have special animations, screen transitions. All these things can be managed very easily in a native application.

Offline apps which you're using the whole day, are also very good approach for going native.

So the required skills depend on the platform you are developing for. You're typically either an iOS developer or Android developer. So for Android, you probably would need Java or Kotlin language knowledge, or Kotlin language knowledge, And for iOS, you would use Xcode, so the IDE knowledge, and obviously Swift as the programming language.


Mobile Development Kit

Mobile development kit is providing standardized look and feel, but it's native. It also gives you a lot of predefined frameworks and screens that simplify the app development. So it's very easy once you get started. And it enforces user experience consistency. That means that all your apps look the same. It's very good for applications that you see in enterprises, so where you have lists of data, where you
manage data objects, where you modify those objects, start processes, and this typical CRUD, This is what you would use the mobile development for.

It has been designed for offline applications, so it's also very good for using offline applications. The skill set that you need for mobile development kit are a bit typical, which I will be publishing in the coming blogs. But also, you can leverage HTML skills, JavaScript, and style sheet skills.


SAP Mobile Cards

Mobile cards is a very simple user experience and the user experience is basically already set. So there's less or no coding that you need to do  You have a quick time to market. And it's cross-platform and it integrates automatically into the underlying operating system. So for instance, push notifications, you don't need to care, it's already managed for you.

It's very good for functionally reduced micro-applications. So data entry, for instance, of applications with multiple screens - this is not what Mobile Cards is designed for. But if you want to see data and react to data, and the data should come in proactively to the device, to the user, then it's the right way to go for Mobile Cards. The required skill set is very familiar to many, many developers.

So you need HTML, style sheets, and optionally JavaScript. You can also create mobile Web applications, so basically Web sites that you render nicely on a mobile device. This is OS-agnostic, it's very cost efficient. Has a large device compatibility - that's no problem. It's very good for simple to complex apps, towards the simple apps. It usually does not require offline features or many native features, like push or others. But due to the progress in recent years, mobile Web applications have been tremendously making steps forward. So now you can, for instance, use barcode scanning in the application, without having an Apache Cordova framework or similar things. The required skill set here would be JavaScript, Web IDE for instance, UI5, maybe Apache Cordova, maybe not. If you want to go for progressive Web
applications, you probably don't need that.

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