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In this blog, I will introduce you to the Fiori user experience and show you how this can be achieved using the portal service.
SAP Fiori is the new SAP user experience and the new face of SAP for all business users across all business applications. SAP Fiori is the default user experience for S/4HANA and is already making its way into other SAP Cloud solutions.

The Fiori user experience comprises "Principles", "Design", and "Technologies". There are five core guiding design principles.

      1) First of all, all Fiori applications are role-based - So when a user sees an app, that's an app that was designed for that particular user’s specific role. It is designed for a user as someone who knows how to use it, and it targets the way that the user like to do his work.
      2) It's responsive – The user can use the same app on his desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, and the UI will adapt itself. This enables a user to quickly complete their task no matter where they are.
      3) It's simple – this is one of the highlights of Fiori and everything that SAP is doing now. It should be as intuitive as using any other app on your phone today, and it needs to focus on important items, providing you with only the information you need to complete your task at hand.
      4) It's coherent – meaning I am going to be able to do the same activities a similar wayeven if it is coming from different domains or different business areas.
      5) And finally, it's delightful – making an emotional connection is very important.

SAP Fiori is a design language which constitutes a set of interaction patterns and visual designs which enable users to accomplish their tasks quickly and easily. Design guidelines are periodically updated for customers and partners to build their own Fiori applications.
And finally, it's based on proven technology. We are basing the Fiori applications on SAPUI5 and OData, where we are separating the business logic from the user interface.

SAP Fiori launchpad is the strategic “single point of entry” for all SAP business applications and analytics. Fiori launchpad itself is based on the Fiori user experience and provides a central point of access to all types of business content across functional areas and technologies, be it Fiori apps or even SAP GUI, SAP Screen Personas, or Web Dynpro ABAP applications.
The launchpad also provides end users with personalization options to build their own device-specific home pages according to their daily business requirements. It also runs on multiple devices – desktops, tablets, or smartphones – providing an aligned user experience across devices. The launchpad’s visual design adapts automatically to the respective screen size.

SAP Fiori 2.0 - is the next significant step in the evolution of user experience for business applications. It has a significant impact on the Fiori launchpad. 

       1) Firstly, it comes with a new visual theme called Belize, which you can see on the slide.
       2) It brings an improved design for the Fiori launchpad with user profile, a recent objects menu, and improved home page with features like link lists and anchor navigation.
            3) A viewport has also been introduced to allow the users to concurrently work with different screen areas, like the home page, Me Area, and Notification Center.
·         And finally, Fiori 2.0 has also introduced new and improved floorplans like the object page and the overview page with new layouts and elements.

Relevance of Sap Fiori and Fiori Launchpad in portal service in the cloud platform
Fiori launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform is an instance of Cloud Portal. The portal can be used to create a Fiori launchpad-based site which delivers the Fiori user experience. Fiori launchpad is one of the site templates which is delivered out of the box and is more suited for application and process- centric B2E scenarios like employee self-service. You can use Fiori elements like overview pages and object pages to structure access and provide role-specific insights.

Building blocks of a fiori launchpad site
An app represents any business application that users can launch from their Fiori launchpad. Typically, apps are represented by tiles and the navigation to these apps is via "intents". So what are “intents”? An intent is a unique combination of a semantic object and an action. For example, a semantic object could represent an object like "sales order", and an action could be "display". So to summarize, when a user clicks on a tile in their launchpad, the intent navigates to an app and opens it.

Catalogs are collections of apps that you want to make available for a specific role. When viewing the launchpad, users can find the assigned catalogs under App Finder in the Me Area.

Groups consist of tiles and represent a subset of apps. When viewing the launchpad home page, the groups show up at the top anchor navigation. End users can personalize their launchpad by adding or removing apps from out-of-the-box or self-defined groups.
Then we have roles. Roles are a way to limit access to the Fiori launchpad objects, Catalogs and groups are assigned to roles. And end users start to access the apps in the Fiori launchpad based on their assigned roles.
Now, let see how the Fiori launchpad looks in the cloud platform.

Now when a user logs on to the Fiori launchpad site, they will first be taken to the home page. This is where they spend much of their time accessing all the applications.

On the home page, tiles are bundled into groups. The groups show up at the top as anchored navigation. So at any point in time, if the user wants to navigate to a particular tile within a group, I can just click on the group at the top and the page will scroll down and I'll be able to access the tiles within the group.

The launchpad also serves different types of tiles. As you can see here, there's a "Sales Orders" tile here which gives all the static information. The tile adjacent to it has got a counter. The counter here denotes there are 20 new sales orders for this month. The tile adjacent to “Sales Order” tile is a custom tile, You have complete flexibility to create your own tile and also configure the visualization of each of these tiles. The one used here shows the pictures of different products in the catalogs along with a description for each of these products and the price of the product on the tile.

Also, what you see in the launchpad on the right- hand side is the notifications. Notifications are system-generated and they could be events that you have subscribed to, or they could be workflow items which require your action. You can click on each of these notifications to go directly into the details of an application and then action it.
So in this blog we learned what the Fiori user experience is all about, moreover about the Fiori Launchpad. We also learned the basic building blocks of a Fiori launchpad site and the relationship between them. And finally, we had a look at a Fiori launchpad- based site which is based on the Fiori 2.0 concepts hosted on the cloud platform. That’s it for this blog, in the next blog we will learn more about fiori launchpad portal service.

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