Introduction to SAP User Experience

Importance of User experience in Digital Era
The term “User Experience” cover more than what you just see on the screen. It goes beyond the pure user interface – meaning the visual design and layout.
It covers the overall experience and how a user engages and interacts with the company and solutions in particular. This can apply to a product, a service, or even a particular web site.

Value of a good UX

Monetary Benefits
  1. Gain Productivity - Increase the user productivity because users get the task done very efficiently.
  2.  Save on Training and  support costs - An easy-to-understand and intuitive user interface also reduces the need for training or running major support help desks.
  3.   Decrease user errors - Users make fewer errors when using user-friendly software, which also leads to higher data quality in your system of records
Non-Monetary Benefits
1)      Increase user satisfaction

2)      Increase customer loyalty

3)      Increase solution adoption

The more business applications and services you now make available to the users, the greater the need for a central entry point.

Portals have evolved from a static link list or application launchers to really smart, digital workplaces. It can be easily customized and personalized to the user’s need. They provide an intuitive and role-based single point of access to a variety of resources, information, apps, and self-services in your organization, whether it is on a desktop or mobile device. With the smart technologies available today, portals become even more dynamic, intelligent, and context-aware.
They pro-actively notify and assist the user to get the task done very efficiently. That’s why portals play a major role in user experience.

SAP user experience with SAP Fiori
SAP has recognized the need for a simplified user experience in business software. With SAP Fiori, SAP is applying modern design principles across the solution portfolio. Besides role-based SAP Fiori applications, this also includes a modern concept of an entry point to easily access all services and information.
In the coming blogs we will see how to provide SAP Fiori experience to the users or create your own customized designs. We will also see how to create intuitive business sites with SAP Cloud Platform Portal.

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