Search an Exit

Basically we have three ways to search for a exit.

Using call customer function
Using SMOD tcode.
Using se84 tcode.

Using call customer function
Go to se93.
Give the tcode name
Ex:- xd01.
Click on display
Double click on the program name.
Click on the find button .
A pop up is displayed.
Give the string as call customer.
Select radio button in main program
Press enter.
Double click on main program name and continue until the call customer functions are displayed.
Ex:- call customer fuction ‘001’.
Double click on 001
Again double click on 001
The function module exit will displayed.
Check the signature i.e. Look for our required field is in IMPORTING or EXPORTING parameter
If it is suitable , write the abap code in the zinclude program.

Using SMOD transaction

Step1:-  Frst we have to find out the package name for transaction.
Step2:- Go to smod transaction and find the enhancements using the package name.
Step3:-  sometimes we can find the enhancements using the description, application component also in smod transaction.

Step1 in detail :  
Go to se93
Give a tcode name
Click on display.
Note down the package name. Ex:- FBD

Step2 in detail
Go to smod transaction
Click on utilitiesà find
A pop up is displayed.
Give the package name as FBD.
Click on execute.
The list of the enhancements will be displayed.
Double click on the enhancement name.
The list of the function module exit, menu exits, screen exits will be displayed.

Using SE84 Tcode
Go to se84.
Expand enhancement folder.
Expand customer exit folder.
Double click on enhancements.
Give the package name FBD.
Click on execute.
The list of the enhancement will be displayed.

Finding enhancements for an exit
If we use CALL CUSTOMER to serach for an exit, we directly get FM exit without enhancement name.
But if we use SMOD, we get enhancements and then we get  EXITS.
Modsap is the table which will give the enhancement name for a exit.
Go to se11.
Give the table name as MODSAP.
Click on display.
Click on table contents.
Give the member as exit name.
Ex:- EXIT_SAPMF02D_oo1
Click on execute button.
Enhancement name will be displayed.

Finding the exact or correct exit 
After finding the list of the enhancements or function module exit, put a break point in all the function module exit.
First create project in cmod transaction.
Assign the enhancement and check for exits.
Put a break point in fm exits.
Execute the transaction.
Now you can find easily which is correct exit based on your requirement.

Steps to find user exits
Go to transaction code va03
Click on ->SYSTEM-> status.
A pop up is displayed .
Double click on the program name.
Click on the binoculars button..
Give the string as userexit.
Select the radio button in main program and press enter.
Give the main program name and press enter.
Continue the process until you find out the user exits.
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