Login to SAP

Here, I will mentioned down the steps to logon to SAP

  Double click on SAP GUI or SAP LOGON icon 
  Select development server name (ECC6)
  Click on LOGON
  Provide username: SAPUSER password: INDIA123
  Press enter
  SAP EASY ACCESS screen is displayed

Transaction Code: It is a unique code or shortcut code to execute a specific program and its corresponding screen.
 SE11:  Displays ABAP dictionary
 SE38:  Displays ABAP editor
 SE37:  Displays ABAP function builder
 SE21:  Displays ABAP package builder
 SE80:  Displays ABAP development work bench . Etc.

Naming conventions:

These objects will starts with any character
The objects must start with either Y or Z.
Except Y and Z.

These objects can’t be modified directly.
These objects can be changed however we want.


·         It is a container of developed objects
·         Each project contains a single package per module
·         Packages are created by BASIS consultants or team leads when the project is started
·         All our objects must be stored in the package only
·         SE21 is the TCODE for creating a package

Steps to create a package:

  Go SE21
  Give the package name ZARJUN
  Click on create, provide short description 
  Click on create or save, Press enter 2 times
  Click on save, a package is created

Transport Request Number: A number which is used to transport an object from one server to another server within system landscape is called transport request number.
ECCK is the name of development server
SEO9 is the TCODE for releasing TR

 Developing/Creating an ABAP Program
Steps to create a program:

  Go to SE38,
  Give the program name zsample
  Click on create, provide description or Title
  Select type = EXECUTABLE
  Click on save
  Provide the package name and press enter
  Click on   create request icon
  Provide short description and press enter 
  A transport request number will be generated, just press enter
  The ABAP editor is opened
  Click on save and activate
 Introduction to WRITE statement
WRITE: It is the statement which is used to print a text on the output screen.
It is similar to PRINTF in ‘C’ language
 Ex: Write hello world.

: Chain Operator: It is a statement which is used to display multiple texts which are separated by commas using a single write statement.

Report zsample.
 Write  hello world.
 Write  welcome to sap abap
 Write /  igrow soft.
 Write : /  cnocnamecity.
 Write : / 3  cno, 15 cname, 25 city.
Write: / 25(25)
ABAP BY Sanjo’
left-justified color 1. (Displays background color)
Write: / 25(25 )
ABAP BY Sanjo’  centered color 2.
Write: / 25(25 )
ABAP BY Sanjo’  right-justified color 3.
Write: / 25(25)
ABAP BY Sanjo’
right-justified color 6 inverse. (Displays font color)

System Variables:
   A variable which is defined by the system is called a system variable
   All system variables are automatically assigned with some values
   All system variables will start with SY or SYST 
   All system variables are stored in SYST structure

 Write / sy-uline. (Displays horizontal line across the page width)
 Write / 25 sy-vline. (Displays Vertical line of height  1   line)
 Write / sy-datum. (Displays systems date as per date settings in SU3 Tcode) Write / sy-uzeit.        (Displays systems time)
 Write / sy-uname. (Displays systems user name) Write / sy-repid. (Displays report name)

That's it!!!! Hope You Enjoyed!!!
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