IDOC - Filtering

Whenever we send the data from source system to receivers system, by default all the IDoc’s and segments are received.
Suppose if we want to receive only few IDoc’s or segments  based on a particular value which is called as a filter value then it is called as filtering.

Filtering is of two types:
IDoc filter

Segment filter.

IDoc filtering

IDoc filter:
Filtering the unwanted IDOC’S is called IDOC filtering.
We need to specify a filter value in the distribution model (BD64), now IDoc’s will be generated only for that filter type which is called as IDoc filtering. 


Goto BD64

Select model view as ZM_VIEW

Expand that model view and sender system and receiver system. 

Expand the MATMAS message type.

Double click on NO Filter set.

Select data filtering 

Click on the button create filter group.


Now, Expand the data filtering.

Expand the filter groups.

Double click on the material type.

A pop up will be raised.

Click on ‘+’ symbol.

Give the filter value as “FERT”, so that the IDOC’S will
Be generated only for this material type.

Press Enter and save the distribution model.

Create 5 materials in MM01.

Create 2 materials of type ‘coupons’ and 3 materials of type ‘finished products’.

Run the outbound program BD10.

Give the material no range . EX: 1437 to 1441.

Execute the programs.

Goto receivers 810 client and check the status.

Only materials of type FERT will be received because of filter value “FERT”  maintained at the distribution model.

Segment Filtering

Segment Filtering:
Filtering   the unwanted segments  in an IDoc is called segment filtering.
We need to specify the list of segments as segment filters, so that IDoc will be generated from all the segments except the segment filters.


Specify the list of the segments which are to be filtered out.

Ex: Let us filter the segment ‘EIMARMM’ of message type MATMAS.

Goto BD56.

Specify the message type as MATMAS.

Press enter.

Specify sender  logical system, receiver logical system, segment name by clicking on new entries

The ERROR will be displayed as below. Plz fix it by maintaining entry
in table EDPP1.

NOTE: We cannot filter the mandatory segments.

Run the outbound prg at the sendor system(800)

Check the status at receiver system(810)

All the segments will be received except the segment  filter E1MARMM.
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