What is an ABAP data dictionary?

ABAP 4 data dictionary describes the logical structures of the objects used in application development and shows how they are mapped to the underlying relational database in tables/views.

What are domains and data element?

Domains:Domain is the central object for describing the technical characteristics of an attribute of an business objects. It describes the value range of the field. Data Element: It is used to describe the semantic definition of the table fields like description the field. Data element describes how a field can be displayed to end-user.

What is foreign key relationship?

A relationship which can be defined between tables and must be explicitly defined at field level. Foreign keys are used to ensure the consistency of data. Data entered should be checked against existing data to ensure that there are now contradiction. While defining foreign key relationship cardinality has to be specified. Cardinality mentions how many dependent records or how referenced records are possible.

Describe data classes in SAP ?

Master data: It is the data which is seldomly changed. Transaction data: It is the data which is often changed. Organization data: It is a customizing data which is entered in the system when the system is configured and is then rarely changed. System data:It is the data which R/3 system needs for itself.

What are indexes in SAP tables?

Indexes are described as a copy of a database table reduced to specific fields. This data exists in sorted form. This sorting form ease fast access to the field of the tables. In order that other fields are also read, a pointer to the associated record of the actual table are included in the index. Yhe indexes are activated along with the table and are created automatically with it in the database.

Difference between transparent tables and pooled tables?

Transparent tables: Transparent tables in the dictionary has a one-to-one relation with the table in database. Its structure corresponds to single database field. Table in the database has the same name as in the dictionary. Transparent table holds application data. Pooled tables. Pooled tables in the dictionary has a many-to-one relation with the table in database. Table in the database has the different name as in the dictionary. Pooled table are stored in table pool at the database level.

Difference between .include and .append?

Include structure allows to add one or more structure into structure or table.Also placed positioning anywhere. Upto 6 include structure can be used in a table.
Append structure can be placed only at the end of a structure or table which also stops further insertion of fields.Only one append structure can be used.

Can a domain, assigned to a data element be changed?

Yes It can be changed. We can do it by just overwriting the entry in the field domain.

What is a Data Class in SAP Data Dictionary?

Data class determined the physical area of table inside database, it is available under technical settings of table in Se11...Example: APPL0, APPL1 etc

What is a Size Category in SAP Data Dictionary?

The Size category describes the probable space requirement of the table in the database.

What are the Data types of the ABAP/4 layer?

Possible ABAP/4 data types:
C: Character.
D: Date, format YYYYMMDD.
F: Floating-point number in DOUBLE PRECISION (8 bytes).
I: Integer.
N: Numerical character string of arbitrary length.
P: Amount of counter field (packed; implementation depends on h/w platform).
V: Character string of variable length, length is given in the first two bytes.
X: Hexadecimal (binary) storage.

What are two methods of modifying SAP standard tables?

1.Append Structures and
2.Customizing Includes.

To how many tables can an append structure be assigned?

Only One..Append structure can not be reusable, we can not use it for multiple tables.

What is a Match Code in SAP Data Dictionary? 

Match code is a tool to help us to search for data records in the system. Match Codes are an efficient and user-friendly search aid where key of a record is unknown.

Can you delete a domain, which is being used by data elements?

No, when we try to do it it will through an error

What is the function of a Domain in SAP Data Dictionary? A domain describes the technical settings of a table field.

·         A domain defines a value range, which sets the permissible data values for the fields, which refers to this domain.

·         A single domain can be used as basis for any number of fields that are identical in structure.

Can you delete data element, which is being used by table fields.

No, we can not delete data element which is being used by table fields.

Can we create field without data element and how?

In SE11 one option is available above the fields strip. Data element/ direct type.

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