Custom IDoc and Reduced IDoc Type

Custom IDoc’s  are generally copied from the standard IDoc by adding OR removing extra segments.
We have two concepts available under custom IDoc’s.

Extended IDoc Type:
Ex:    IDoc Type  =  standard  IDoc Type + Extra custom segments.
Steps :
1)Create  segments with fields in WE31 tcode.
2)Create an Extended IDOC  by inserting the above segments.
Create a custom segment in WE31 with below segments KUNNR, NAME1,LAND1.
SAVE ità back à click on editàset release.

Goto WE30.
Give IDoc name as ZDEBMAS05.
Select    Extended Idoc  radiobutton.

Click on create.
Give linked basic type as DEMAS05.

Press enter.
By default all the standard segments are copied.

Put the cursor on any segment. EX: EIKNAIM.

Click on create button.

Give the custom segment name
                   Min No=1
                  Max No=1
Press enter
Click on save.

Reduced IDoc Type:
It is an IDoc which consists of only the required segments and fields.
All the unwanted segments and filters are completely removed.
 ‘BD53’ is the Tcode for reduced IDoc.

Goto BD53.

Give the message type as ZDEBMAS05_R.

Click on the Create button.

Give the message type reference as DEBMAS.


Press enter.
Give short description.
Again press enter
All the list of the segments will be displayed in different colors.
Color: RED ---------- Deselected segments / fields.
Color: WHITE-------- Selected segments/ fields.
Color: GREEN------- mandatory segments/fields.

Put the cursor on any segment Ex E1KNA11, click on button SELECT.

The color will turn from RED to WHITE which indicates that it is a required segment.

Now double click on the segment, select the  checkboxes for the required

Fields and click on the select button.


The color will turn from RED to WHITE which indicates that it is a required field.