BDC Recording

Since, it is very difficult to find technical information of each field on the screen, we go for a method called as “Recording method”.

The recording method is going to record all the fields in the transaction and it generated the technical information such as program name, screen no, field name, field value for each field on the SAP screen.
By using the recording method, it is very easy to create a BDC program.

Steps to create a Material: 
Go to MM01
Give the industry sector as Pharmaceuticals.
Give the material type as coupons.
Click on the button ‘select views’
Select the checkbox ‘Basic Data1’
Click on continue button.
Give the description as ‘Test material’.
Give the units as ‘Kgs’.
Click on save.
A message will be displayed with text as ‘Material 1427 is created’.

Steps for Recording :

Go to SHDB
Click on new recording
Give the recording name. eg:YMM01
Give the transaction code. Eg: MM01
Click on the button start recording.
MM01 will be displayed.
Enter the industry sector as Pharmaceuticals
Enter the material type as coupons.
Click on ‘select view’ button.

Select the checkbox Basic Data1.
Click on continue button.
Give the description as ‘Test material’.
Give the units as ‘Kgs’ and click on Save.
The recording will display all the technical information.
Click on save
Click on back
Select the recording
Click on the button create program
Give the program name

Select the button ‘transfer from recording’.
Press enter
Give the title
Click on the button ‘Source Code’.

The code will be generated as below.
Perform BDC-Dynpro                     using     ‘SAPLGMM’       ‘0060’.
Perform BDC-Field                                          using     ‘BDC_CURSOR’

FORM bdc_dynpro using program dynpro.
BDCDATA-program = program.
BDCDATA-dynpro = dynpro.
BDCDATA-dynbegin = ‘x’.

FORM bdc_field using FNAM FVAL.
                Clear BDCDATA.
                BDCDATA-FNAM = FNAM.
                BDCDATA-FVAL = FVAL.
                Append BDCDATA.
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