Difference between IDOC and IDOC type?

IDOC type specifies Data Structure and IDOC is the instance based on IDOC type. Example: MATMAS, CREMAS etc

what is structure of IDOC?

IDOC has three type of records: 1.Control Record -- contains control info ex: receiver port etc 2. Data record -- Contains IDOC data 3.Status -- holds IDOC status.

How can debug runtime IDOC?

When it comes to debugging, I believe we can make use of WE19

How do you get output from IDOC?

Data in IDOc is stored in segments, the output from Idoc is obtained by reading the data stored in its respective segments.

How do we generate IDOC in SAP ?

We can generate IDOC using function module MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE

How to reprocess error IDOC's ?

We can reprocess error IDOC's(status 51) using program RBDAGAIN

How to reprocess edited IDOC's ?

We can reprocess edited IDOC's using program RBDAGAIE (Se38 prorgram)

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