Configuring Github setting for a particular WebIDE Project

In this blog, I will tell you how to import an SAP Web IDE project in your previously created Github repository. 
 For this particular scenario, there are some prerequisites:
1) You have already setup SAP web IDE, and have already build a particular project, which has to be imported.
2) You have already a GitHub repository.

So let us begin with the tutorial step by step.

Step1) Right click on your existing SAP WebIDE project, and select Git>Initialize Local Repository.


Step 2) In the configuration git repository dialog, enter the GitHub organization repository’s URL.

Step 3) Fetch the Remote repository URL by heading over to the Github Organization URL. Click on the Clone or Download button and then select the icon to copy URL to clipboard selecting the Repository.
Step 4) Now, you will be prompted to provide the credentials.

Step 5) Paste the URL in the remote repository text box.

Step 6) Now, your project is now initialized with a Git repository and linked to the Github platform. You can open the Git pane on the right sidebar to verify this.

Step 7) Next, commit the project files to the local Git repository by clicking on Stage all checkbox, enter 

Step 8) Next to synchronize Github repository and local repository changes, click on the Pull button. Enter your Github credentials.

Step 9) To push your local changes to Github.
Click on the Push button and select Remote Branch

b. Select origin/master as the remote branch and click on OK.

c. Once push is completed you will see a notification message on the top right corner.

So this is it about how to integrate with your GitHub account in SAP Web IDE and how to integrate with SAPUI5 Project.
 I hope you liked my tutorial, please do watch my video series on YouTube regarding SAPUI5 tutorials

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