SAP Fiori logoff configuration

In this blog, I will set the page for logout. By default, when we logout, fiori gives a message. So in this tutorial we will set navigate back to the login page, instead of showing the logoff message that fiori by default popup.

Here is screen shot of the fiori logoff message:

Let’s just start with the steps, here we will nothing, but just navigating the logoff button back to login page.

Step1) Login to Gateway system with the proper credentials and note you should have proper authorizations.

Step 2) Go to T- code SICF and enter the service path or just go to the node /sap/public/bc/icf/logoff and double click logoff

Step 3) Now click on change icon( pencil icon on top left) and go to Error Pages. Then Choose Redirect URL radio button and place the URL /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/Fiorilaunchpad.html.

Step 4) Now just save the entries, and enter the credentials, which are asked. That’s it!!
So, here we have configured the logout page, hope you understood. If you have any queries comment down below, or just mail me at

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