SAP Fiori login page configuration

In this blog, we will see how to set a better login page, unlike fiori’s default login page, which is by the way a very dull looking login page. The Fiori Launchpad is the landing page for Fiori applications. As with the portal, the user has to pass through the login page. Here’s the view of fiori’s default login page:


Once we set up our fiori login page, it would look like something like this:

Before starting out to change login format of fiori Launchpad, you must have all the administrator rights on the system.
Step1) Login to your gateway system, and enter your credentials
Step2) Enter the T code SICF
Step3) Enter /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell in the service path and Execute or just navigate to default_host > sap > bc > ui5_ui5 > ui2 >ushell

Step 4) Double Click ushell.

Step 5) Click on change and go to Error Pages and select System Logon and click on Configuration

Step 6) a) Under Settings Selection section, select Define Service-Specific Settings radio button.
b)  Under Logon Layout and Procedure section, select Custom Implementation radio button and enter /UI2/CL_SRA_LOGIN in the ABAP Class field.
c)  Save as Global Entries

Step 7) Once you have done this, save the SICF transaction and navigate out. Now check your fiori login page, it should be somewhat like this:

Now, this is done your Login Page is configured. But If you want to use a custom Background instead of this particular background, then you would need to follow some additional steps too.
Step 1) Go to T-code se80.
Step 2) the background image for the login page is located in the mime repository under the path: /sap/public/bc/ui2/logon/img/”.


Step 3) To replace the background image, Right-Click on the “login_background.jpg” file. Under the context “Upload/Download” select option “Upload and Replace”.
Step 4) Now, select the custom file (in your local disk) which you wish to set as the background. The file name will still be “login_background.jpg” but internally the image will be replaced with your custom image.