SAPUI5 Interview Questions Part B

Part B

1) Which open standards and tools are the foundation of SAPUI5 technology?

->D3.js for visualization

->ARIA for accessibility standards and keyboard handling

->jQuery for managing DOM elements and abstracting browser differences

2) What SAPUI5 control metadata is used to configure the UI elements at runtime?



3) What are view types offered by SAPUI5?
->JavaScript views

->JSON views

->XML views

4) What is the purpose of a controller?
->To separate the UI and the processing logic

->To control the application flow by handling user events or updating the view

5) Name some standard controller hooks in SAPUI5?
->onInit – an event that is called when the view and the controller are instantiated

->onExit – an event that is called when the view and the controller are destroyed

6) What does MVC stand for?
->Model - View – Controller

7) What information can be stored in the manifest.json file of your app?
->Root view
->Supported device types

->Supported themes

8) Which of the following namespaces can be used in the manifest.json file?



9) What is the name of the file where the descriptor for applications, components, and libraries is stored?

10) For what stands the abbreviation JSON?
->Java Script Object Notation

11) Which data binding mode means a binding from the model to the view and from the view to the model (value changes in the model and in the view update all corresponding bindings and the view and model, respectively)?

12) How would you add an icon from the SAPUI5 icon font to a button in an XML view?
-><Button text="Save Draft" icon="sap-icon://save" />

13)  Which predefined sizes for margins that stand for 8px (0.5rem), 16px (1rem), 32px (2rem), or 48px (3rem) are available in SAPUI5?

->'Tiny', 'Small', 'Medium' or 'Large'

14) What is aggregation binding used for?
->To bind a set of data entities to a list-like structure

15) Your JSONModel contains the following content:

     "Employees" : [{

         "Lastname" :  "Karlson",

         "Firstname" : "Karl"


What is the binding path to Karl Karlson's first name?

16) What do you need if you want to bind a list to data in your JSONModel?
->An array with the data in the JSONModel that you want to bind to the list

->A template list item to be cloned

->A bound list control

17) How can you access validation errors in SAPUI5?
->Set handleValidation to true in the manifest.json file.

->Register to the validationError event on sap.ui.getCore().

18)Name some types in SAPUI5?


19) What coding do you need to add to your XML view to enable grouping in your list binding?
->group: true

20) Which of the following sequences of steps do you use to assemble the URL to access your OData service's metadata?
·       ->  Run your app from SAP Web IDE and copy its URL into a new browser tab.
·         ->In your app's manifest.json file, go to “services”, copy the URI, and use it to replace the file path in the URL from Step 1.
·         ->Append “/$metadata” and press enter.
21) How many filters can you apply on a list binding?
->As many as needed

22) What is the best practice for showing or hiding an SAPUI5 control at runtime?
->Set the “visible” property of the control to “true” or “false”.

23) When do you use element binding?
->When you want bindings of child controls to resolve their paths relative to the binding of the parent

24) What is the difference between aggregation binding and element binding?
->Aggregation binding is used for list-like structures, whereas element binding can be used to set the binding context of any parent control.

25) How is paging accomplished in oData query?
->Paging can be accomplished by using $skip in combination with $top. The parameters’ values describe the interval of the data that is requested.

26)  Name some OData query parameters?


Watch sapui5 video tutorials from youtube, here's the video on introduction to sapui5:

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