Setting up SAP Web IDE

Hi, in this tutorial we will look forward to setting up SAP Web IDE. In my previous blog I have discussed about SAP Web IDE, have a look at the Introduction of SAP Web IDE . Now that you are familiar with this IDE, now I will discuss the steps to set up SAP Web IDE in the hana cloud cockpit.

Firstly, you would be required to register yourself at SAP HANA Cloud Cockpit. If you have a SCN account, you could also log in with the same credentials as you use for accessing SCN.

Now, when you are in the cockpit, you will see a screen similar to this 

Next, we will access the Web IDE, and for that, we have two methods.

First method is to click on Subscriptions at the left site. In the Subscription section you will find one subscription: "sapwebide". Click on the Application name ("webide") of this subscription.

Second Method is to click on Services

Now Search SAP Web IDE in the Search bar and enable the SAP Web IDE by clicking on the tile and enabling it.

Now, click on Open SAP Web IDE and do bookmark the URL, so that it will be easy to access web IDE next time.

So, this was all about setting sap web IDE. Now additionally, we can set up many other settings in web IDE, like:

Entering the Git User Settings
So, let’s discuss steps to set up Git User Settings.

In SAP Web IDE, Click on tools and choose Preference.

Then Click on Git Settings and then enter your name and Email address and save.


Connecting to remote systems
I have already covered this topic in my previous blog. Have a look at Configuring destination in SAP Web IDE

So this was all about setting up SAP Web IDE in SAP HANA cloud Cockpit.  Hope you, liked this tutorial. For any queries, mail me at If you loved my tutorials, comment down below your views. It always inspires me for making better blogs and stay tuned for more tutorials!!
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