SAPUI5 Tutorials

My main purpose of starting this blog is that, there isn’t any other good sapui5 tutorials on the net.I am planing to add up much content so that any new sapui5 leaner might find it useful, while beginning to learn sapui5.
This blog is for mainly for the those who are in their initial phase of learning sapui5. Hey, by the way I am no expert in this, I am too just started to learn sapui5, I just wanted to share what I have learned so far.
I am planing to add up the basics of sapui5, and gradually add up the advanced functionalities. I would try to cover up almost all the topics in sapui5, i.e configuring eclipse, installation of sapui5 plugin etc. I will try to provide tutorials with the screenshots, so that any new learner would find it easy, moreover I will try to make videos, which will also help the cause.
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